Carolina Stripe - Artist Series

anca barbu

Genuine leather handpainted bag. Made in Miami by artist Anca Barbu with ultra durable and resistant leather paint. Each bag is unique and custom since they are made to order. There are no molds or prints used in makeing of the bags, each design is drawn free hand, so no two bags will ever be identical. If ther is any paint on the metal hardware, it can be easily removed with alcohol or acetone. Just dampen a cotton ball and rub on the metal. You can clean your bag with regular sopa and water with a wash cloth. The paint is durable and should not come off or peal, but as a general precaution try to avoid unnecessart scratching or rubbing. Bag may have paint inside, but don't worry, it will not come off or stain. 

Anca Barbu is a Miami based artist. She gets her inspiration from the Pop Art greats. After each bag is complete she uses her fashionable touch to accessorize the bags with silk scarves and matching straps. 

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