LET’S TALK: The Psychology of Adapting Your Style for the Seasons

Posted on December 31, 2023 by Tatyana Sharoubim | 0 comments

LET’S TALK: The Psychology of Adapting Your Style for the Seasons

We who live in the Sunshine State certainly don’t want to seem ungrateful for all of the beautiful warm weather we are blessed to enjoy year-round. Where many people across the world might be seeing first signs of snow, we are basking under cerulean blue skies and blessing that perfectly mingled feeling of sea breezes and golden rays. As with any blessing, however, there is oftentimes a flip side to the coin. When “Autumn” here means dead palm fronds falling precariously from the sky, it can start to feel like one is missing out on what’s almost a biological right: The changing of the seasons. This is why we want to make the case for changing up your style, season to season, even if the weather stubbornly stays put.

Psychologists and researchers have proven that when we experience a marked change from Summer to Autumn, Winter to Spring, it revitalizes and renews our own perception of our place in the world. Our own transitions make more sense. The changing seasons can even give us a feeling of permission to molt the old and sprout the new. And if your local climate simply doesn’t look like this, then changing your wardrobe to suit the planetary mood can be almost just as good.
Because the truth is, that first shift in the winds when children pile back into school buses and the snow birds begin their descent south from the wild north, signals a change in our own psyches.
“Time is passing. The world is changing, and so am I.”
Cycling through your summer pieces and replacing them with deeper color tones, cotton knits instead of linen or poplin, a touch of velvet here and there (unthinkable in the depths of Summer), can give us that boost of excitement and revitalize us in a similar way that a canopy of changing leaves might, or that first, flurrying sign of snow.
Because life is never stagnant, no matter what the weather is doing. You might as well come out of your chrysalis with style and intention!

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