Make Waves Performance Hat

True Blue Vibes

Turn heads and get ready for lots of “where’d you get that hat?” when you sport our
Performance Baseball Hat! Made from a durable and super lightweight Tritech performance
material in four surf-inspired shades that both guys and girls will love. Features a padded
sweatband (because comfort first) and matching vizor (because cuteness counts). Quick dry
and breathable, this hat has it all, including the protection of SPF 50 and our “Live Authentic”
embroidered motto and TBV flag!
“Make waves,” she said to me, then turned back to face the ocean. The air was heavy with the
weight of salt and the scent of flowers, worn in a garland around her neck. I stood motionless,
mesmerized as the giant orange disc of sun disappeared behind the glassy waves, the green
flash of light dancing before me. But when I turned to ask her what she meant, she was gone.

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