Girl W/ Knife Candles

Girl w/ Knife

Beautiful Suspect Candle. Essence of santal. Inspired by wildlife's most infamously fierce creature. Paradise is never without a few dangerous and sexy suspects. 

• 8 oz. Soy Coconut Wax

Garden Mischief Candle. Essence of wild herbs. Inspired by ethereal summer gardens, with blooming botanicals matched by the poetic chaos of twin-flame felines. 

Femme Fatale Candle. Essence of red currant. Inspired by the fierce unpredictability of Mother Nature. Our red currant, the perfect juxtaposition of sweet and don't underestimate me... *wink* 

Eternally Fierce Candle. Essence of midnight rose. Inspired by those sexy summer nights, where champagne fizzes by moonlit pools and slinky creatures roam the garden.

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