TBV Gradient Circle Patch Trucker

True Blue Vibes

“TBV” Circular Gradient Patch Hats:
We’re stoked to bring you these 5-star performance hats with detailing you can only find in
sunny Sarasota, FL! These Tri-Tech hats deliver moisture-wicking action, SPF 30, and feature a
4-way stretch. Our signature patches are lovingly embroidered to say “True Blue Vibes - SRQ
FL” in a retro-yet-modern gradient of our beach-inspired color palette.
Choose from 3 distinct styles: Complete Tri-Tech with buckle snap adjustable strap; Tri-Tech
black with trucker meshing in back; navy and black Tri-Tech mesh in back.
All four hats include discreet embroidery that reads, “Welcome to paradise. Xo.” And no
TBV hat would be complete without our signature embroidered True Blue Vibes flag, waving
proudly on the back!
Find your happy. Find your peaceful. Find your strength. Find your love. And may all the days of
your life ensure that you always have your ride-or-die, a fabulous pair of shoes, and a TBV hat
to see you through!

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