The Seafarer Tote

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Our iconic cotton “Life is Better Here: SRQ” Tote boasts all of the bells and whistles of the
classic American nautical tote we have come to know and love, and then some.
With dual-toned contrast detailing on both front and back, reinforced canvas handles, snaps on
the top and sides, cotton lined interior, reinforced base, spacious interior zip pocket, screen-
printed front and expertly embroidered SRQ Flag on the back.
For both women and men, or the practical human that prefers quality with added style.
Made in the USA.

“Seafarer” they called me. And it’s little wonder why.
Forever in a swimsuit and my father’s old captain hat; always consulting an antique compass I
acquired from an older kid who said she liked my flip-flops from and the opportunity to haggle
was too good for a pirate to miss.
On days when I wanted the younger kids to stay out of my way, I’d wear an eye patch I cut from
an old canvas sail and painted black at the arts and crafts station when the counselor bent down
to tie his shoe.
“Seafarer” they called me, always begging to know what I carried in the cotton tote my father
sent with me to camp. “Treasures, me hearties!” I’d drawl out with a smile. “Coins from
Barbados! Silks from the Orient!”
Even now, my Seafarer Tote still accompanies me on errands. Some days, it’s groceries. Tools
from the hardware store. Other days, shells and driftwood gleaned from the sand when I walk
along the beach.
I still have that old eye patch. When those perfect days from youth start to tug at my
heartstrings, I hold the patch up to my face, my Seafarer Tote slung nefariously across my back,
and cry, “Treasures, me hearties!”
And nothing could be truer.

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