Let's Talk : Fashion is a Language

Posted on September 25, 2023 by Tatyana Sharoubim


LET’S TALK: Fashion is a Language

“Can finding your authentic style really impact your self-confidence?”
At T.Georgiano’s, we spend a lot of time talking about fashion, and especially about style. It’s remarkable to see how one item of clothing, worn by each of us  exudes something different from woman to woman—as if merely our essence, and not our ability to put an outfit together, creates a foundation for articulating one’s identity through fashion.
"It is a ritual we delight in when something new and fabulous arrives, which occurs almost daily during the high season." 

And if you’re like us and you love getting dressed, you probably already know what we mean. It’s not enough to say that clothes are like the pigments on an artist’s palette; clothes, in every way, represent our emotions.

This explains why feeling out of synch with the outfit you’ve chosen can have the effect of skewing your entire day. Why? Because what’s on the outside does not correspond to what’s on the inside.
Talk about tension.
But there’s also something ephemeral happening here, something that’s hard to pin down. As we go through our lives, we consciously and subconsciously gather unto ourselves our opinions, our viewpoint, our experiences, our preferences, and in short, our style. The way you speak, walk, dress, move—all of this is encompassed by your personal style. And whether it’s something we’re aware of or not, if we’re alive, we’ve got one. Like an invisible forcefield surrounding our lives, our style is constantly guiding and directing the choices we make. The theory we’d like to posit here is that by becoming aware of one’s style and then by owning it, a
rising sense of self will logically follow.
And what better way to explore this theory, then through fashion.
Like any language, the language of fashion has many dialects and origins. How one woman wears a white button-down blouse will differ from the next. And while no sense of style is superior to any other’s (preferential does not mean superior), it is in discovering your style and then wielding its power which has the effect of shutting out the cacophony of what does not suit. Like the sharpened edge of a knife, having this sense of awareness of what suits one’s body, one’s life, and one’s tastes has the effect of both cutting away the extra, and carving out a niche for yourself in the Universe.
“Know thyself,” Socrates said.
And why? Because to know oneself
is to know the world. To know yourself is to establish a bond of trust with yourself; to take yourself into your own confidences; to hold close the secret of what makes you,YOU.
And as our friend Cameron Silver says, “Fashion is not purely vacuous,” but a rich and diverse tool to help you get in touch with that one-of-a-kind person staring back at you in the mirror.

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