STYLE GUIDE: Incorporating Fall’s Best Looks When it’s Still 85 Degrees Out

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STYLE GUIDE: Incorporating Fall’s Best Looks When it’s Still 85 Degrees Out

Just because you live somewhere with year-round sunshine and above-average temps, doesn’t mean you should be excluded from the fashion bounty that cooler weather brings! We’ve compiled a few tips to help you infuse some Autumn into your wardrobe, even when your year-round playlist sounds a lot like “Forever Summer”!

1. Shackets.
The “shacket” (a hybrid between a shirt and a jacket) is a girl’s best friend. Shackets not only deliver in transitional weather, but when we absolutely need to get our outerwear fix and the weather just won’t allow it! Slightly heavier than a shirt, but much lighter than a jacket, the handy shacket won’t weight you down, even if your own personal Winter Wonderland is all in your head.

2. Booties/ Shooties.
Winter undeniably means boot season, but boots are great at keeping in the heat! If it’s simply just not practical to don your boots yet, booties and shooties (a cute play on words between “booty” and “shoe”) will give you that cool weather feel, without feeling all the heat! Try booties with peep toes and cutouts, and shooties with a platform wedge or even a kitten heel for your day-to-night transition.

3. Layering.
At the end of the day, if you live somewhere like we do (the Sunshine State), learning how to effectively layer your pieces is the smartest (and chicest) way to attain a wintery wardrobe vibe without dying in the heat. Stock up on cute camis that you can throw an open blouse over and top with a cardi you tie at the waist. Shackets look great over tank dresses, and cardigans are preferable to pullovers because you can unbutton as needed.

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