STYLE GUIDE: Graphic Tees

Posted on November 07, 2023 by Tatyana Sharoubim | 0 comments

Almost since the invention of rock ’n roll, the graphic tee has been an iconic American cultural staple. 

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Brand Spotlight : Chaser

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With the tagline, “Raised on Rock ’n Roll since 1988,” Chaser is our absolute go-to for fun and funky graphic tees!
Made of the softest cottons with an eclectic fusion of then-meets-now designs, Chaser’s graphic tees are as at-home on the runway as they are with your favorite pj bottoms! And since we’re basically their #1 fan, our store on 1st Street is stocked to meet your Chaser needs. From Bowie to Blondie to Bob Dylan, let Chaser’s look light a fuse under an otherwise casual vibe.
And for all you mama groupies, we’ve got Chaser goodies for the little ones, too! Think matching sets, dinosaurs on skateboards, and smiley faces galore. In sizes 4-12, when available. Only in Sarasota!

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Style Guide : How to Sport T-Shirts

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If you’re of the opinion that t-shirts are only for kids, or men, or days when you’re unlikely to leave the house, we wholeheartedly invite you to think again. 

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