STYLE GUIDE: Graphic Tees

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STYLE GUIDE: Graphic Tees
Almost since the invention of rock ’n roll, the graphic tee has been an iconic American cultural staple. Whether slung by groupies behind merch tables at concerts, or made haute couture and seen on style It girls from runway show to runway show, the graphic tee definitely isn’t going anywhere. That’s why we’re here to tell you that not only wearing, but knowing how to style the
graphic tee will be your secret Kung Fu fighting move whenever you want to infuse a lot of personality into an otherwise casual look.
Below, find our three tips for incorporating a graphic tee into your ensemble, whenever you’re feeling less basic and more come on baby, light my fire…
1. Less is More
The most straightforward and arguably most chic approach to styling a graphic tee is simple: great fitting jeans, a menswear-inspired blazer, pointy-toed heels or fashion sneakers, then call it a day.
Because the graphic tee already brings so much to the table, a minimalist approach to bottoms, shoes, and outerwear will act like a canvas to show off that band you love. Like the lead singer’s girlfriend, waiting backstage in the talent lounge, this approach is understated and very, very cool.
2. More is more!!
If the above look conjures the “too cool for school” vibe, this look is like crowdsurfing from the mosh pit! At the end of the day, styling a graphic tee is like styling any sort of pattern. If you want to make an outfit that makes clashing look chic (an approach we highly recommend), look to the decade of the band you’re repping, or the colors that are present in the graphic’s design.
Sporting a monochromatic The Clash t-shirt? Try ‘60s-approved cigarette pants with a complimentary tartan pattern. Blondie more your speed? Try an ’80’s inspired body con skirt with neon accents and geometric tights from Bergdorf’s.
3. Be unpredictable!
Rock and Roll music took the world by storm because it was unlike anything anyone had ever heard before! When styling graphic tees, we say:
Don’t think twice, it’s alright—and just be YOU!
Wear your graphic tee underneath a tank dress or a pinafore; tuck it into high waisted denim and attach some suspenders; wear it over top a slinky LBD; or go full Disco and pair it with sequins and spandex!
The world is your rock ’n roll oyster, and for that, …We Salute You.

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