Let's Talk : “Why mastering the art of the day to night transition will set you free”

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We all know this feeling. You’re walking down the street with friends or colleagues after dinner, having just spent a full day of merrily running here and there, only to realize that the outfit you chose at 6am could not feel more out of place post 6pm.
Enter the fashion samurai skill that is transitioning your look from day to night!
There is an art to the day-night transition, for no two women will make the same exact choices. Where one might throw a cashmere shawl into her bag for later, another will don an LBD and call it a 14-hour day. How you transition between sunrise and sunset is totally up to you, and a power that can keep your fashion-derived confidence intact, no matter the hour. Here are a few simple day-to-night techniques to practice in the morning when you’re building
your ensemble:
-Consider jewelry:
Statement pieces can pull any look together. Try a fun, chunky necklace; abstract art-inspired earrings that look playful during the day and chic at night; or keep your accessories in your purse until you’re ready to flip a casual look into a more considered one.
-The LBD
Ah, the “Little Black Dress”…No woman has ever not looked chic in an LBD. Why? Because a well-positioned LBD says, “I know I look good and I hardly lifted a finger to achieve this.” It says chic and womanly and no-fuss sexy. Our favorite way to play with an LBD? SHOES, of course!
If you’re able to, swapping shoes between work day commitments and evening soirees is the surest way to get the most day-to-night traction out of your little black dress.
-Outerwear Power
Now that the temperatures are just beginning to drop, we can finally celebrate the joy of cooler weather and of enjoying near-effortless outfit changes without suffering the hassle of running back home. A cute cardi, sleek jacket, or (our favorite) cozy “shacket”—the shirt/jacket hybrid—can take a day look into an evening look with almost zero forethought. Simply choose your outerwear piece that brings the attitude you want to carry forth after sundown. Try metallic
accents, black ruching, belted styles, or even a pop of playful color.
Like the clever girl-spy who wields the art of disguise as her weapon, mastering your day-to- night wardrobe skills is just another tool in your couture arsenal!

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