New Artist: [Davis Fetter]

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"I grew up collecting singles. One song at a time. That is how I release my music.
I make Rock & Roll."- Davis Fetter



Davis Fetter heard Chuck Berry at the age of 12 and picked up a Gibson 335. Davis is inspired by the iconic songwriting of such artists as The Smiths, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Lou Reed, and John Lennon, along with the euphoric melodies of The Libertines, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Buddy Holly. His guitar tones are unique, technical, and spacious at the same time. Vocally, Davis’ range gives him the 

freedom to hit Little Richard notes with the effortless cool of a Morrissey or Julian Casablancas, and the childlike raucous of Peter Doherty. His sound has been compared to Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Glasvegas, John Lennon, and James Brown. 
In August 2012, "I See Love" went #1 on LA's KROQ Locals Only, earning the song additional airplay on London's XFM. His songs have also been featured on MTV, FX, Oxygen, Sky Network, and in various independent films. Davis has also been in many notable publications including Nylon Mag, Spin Magazine and The Los Angeles Times, as well as popular music blogs. Nylon Mag featured "Euphoria" on their Sept 2011 mixtape.

"Fetter’s first two singles ooze the romanticism of ’50s and ’60s pop idols..." - Kevin Bronson,

"Just like the raw edge of his voice at the end of his lyrical phrasing, Fetter himself has a raw edge..." - Nadia Noir, KROQ


Thanks for the lead Daniel Weisman of Scopewise!!!! 

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