T.O.T.D (track of the day) Lost in a Lullaby [The Drowning Men]

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I called you up on a set of dimes
I whispered words I couldn’t rhyme
I see I’m a crooked mess
Well it didn’t take long
You did the rest
Well I’ll croon and I’ll sing my song
And I can feel the knife and it’s
Twisting in my back

You wrote a letter, spoke your mind
Told me words you felt were right
I see you’re a bloody mess
It didn’t take long I did the rest
Well you croon and you sing your song
And your heart is feeling
The twisting of my knife

I’m Guilty But I Tried
We Were Lost In A Lullaby

Hope you might be my prize
And walk with me to the otherside
Pass through here hand & hand
Oh I see now it’s a worthless mess
Well we’ll croon and we’ll sing our song
Bleed it out for one and all…

I’m Guilty But I Tried
We Were Lost In A Lullaby

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