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Great Article from Proud of my man and his new tech startup. Find you Opprtunity today sign up and share. Happy Weekend!


Everyone’s all up on LinkedIn by now, to the point where people I know through casual social situations are endorsing me for things like “Research.” (How the hell do you know that I research well, drinking buddy I run into sometimes? Oh right: You don’t. But thanks for the thumbs up!) If you’re feeling a little worn out by the behemoth that everyone’s favorite networking site has become and want something a bit more effective, it’s time you checked out OPPRTUNITY.



A network that works for you.

Okay, so not to hate on LinkedIn too much: it definitely provides a valuable service. The thing is, LinkedIn is more for general connections and not really for actually finding a job or making a concrete business connection. You’re a startup founder. You don’t have time to spend hours and hours searching out the right cofounder/developer/business connection, so why not let someone else do the majority of the work for you?


Enter OPPRTUNITY. The very first Awesome Point that this sites wins is from the fact that you don’t even have to create a profile. Log in with your (yes, I know) LinkedIn account and OPPRTUNITY pulls all of your info over to their site. After that, you just add in what specific skills you or your business has to offer and then sit back and let them do the work for you!




Freemium model means you can even use it if you’re broke!

While a hiring a headhunter is probably way out of your price range, expert bootstrapper, OPPRTUNITY is willing to offer you their expert services for free, thereby earning Awesome Point Number Two. Well, it’s free to a point because they’re also a startup and we all know that companies need to be sustainable to survive.


If you go with the free option, OPPRTUNITY will hook you up with two leads per month. If that’s just not enough connecting for you, they’ll be offering subscription models starting at $29.95 for 5-20+ connections per month.


When you calculate how much time they’re saving you, that price is a steal.


What sets them apart.

Here’s Awesome Point Number Three. OPPRTUNITY isn’t like all the other networking sites out there because… Science. They’ve worked out algorithms that find your connections through the info you provide them (location, your industry, your skill sets, etc.), as well as other undisclosed stuff from the internet. They’re the first site out there to approach networking this way and, I’ve gotta say: it makes a helluva lot of sense to me.



The Dudes behind it all.

Co-founders Janis Krums and Bill Jula both have backgrounds in marketing and professional networking. Janis also has the thoroughly contemporary distinction of being the man who took the photo of the Hudson Plane Crash that went viral on Twitter, which is pretty much the most awesome “random fact” I’ve ever seen on a professional description of someone.




So there you have it, folks. OPPRTUNITY has officially earned three Awesome Points As Determined By Emma, which makes it a killer startup in my book. Head on over, check them out, and get networking!


…Actually, let’s give them 3.5 because that whole plane crash thing is totally badass.


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