LET’S TALK: The Age of Casual—Let your t-shirt be a gateway.

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LET’S TALK: The Age of Casual—Let your t-shirt be a gateway.

Cameron Silver, celebrity stylist and famed owner of Beverly Hills vintage boutique, Decades (and our good pal) says that fashion is a wonderful barometer for culture.
Looking back over the course fashion has taken these last three years reveals the twists and turns society has undergone since the pandemic. Where athleisure wear had already become an American staple, staying inside more frequently and for longer intervals changed the athleisure game, for the better.

The same can be said for t-shirts. Once reserved for uber-casual moments only, t-shirts are seeing a renaissance born from the beauty of “form following function.” Women now have much higher expectations that their clothes will not only be flattering, they’re also exceedingly comfortable. Our love and need for superior athleisure wear has had a trickle-down effect into many other categories of fashion, and t-shirts are suddenly experiencing a golden age as a result.
Frequently made with more luxurious cottons and sophisticated weaving techniques, incorporating subtle and playful metallic details, stitching and ruffles, your beloved tee has become anything but basic.

Standing in front of the mirror, we often ask ourselves, “What does this outfit communicate?” The humble t-shirt, we’ve found, has a broader lexicon than ever before. At its most classic, it gives a retro, sporty vibe. Paired with wide-legged trousers, a blazer and some pumps, it gives “Approachable CEO.” Screen-printed tees have never once gone out of style, and with brands like Chaser and CHRLDR on the rise, we’re seeing screen printed tees that take us right back to Woodstock. Pair a graphic tee with a flowing, ultra-feminine skirt and boots. Or tuck halfway into your favorite jeans and pair with wedges for a fun date-night look.

If fashion is indeed a language, let the t-shirt be your playful quip, your light-hearted sarcasm, and your unspoken youthful charm!

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