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LET'S TALK: Are Bold Prints Just for "Younger Women"?
Absolutely Not. Here's Why.
Here at T.Georgiano’s, we have the pleasure and the privilege of styling women whose birthdays range across the decades. All too often, we’ll hear an older woman say,
“Oh, I can’t wear that! I’m too old!”
To which we respectfully yet adamantly reply, “Never!”
We aren’t sure whomever first (erroneously) stated that older women should stay away from prints that are loud or daring, but consider this your crash course in not only incorporating daring prints into your wardrobe
—we’ll show you how to rock them!
First things first: Know your figure.
A bold and daring print will draw the eye, instantly. Wherever you want to draw some attention, a print will do the job. Are you significantly more busty on top than you have hips down below?
A busy or boisterous print will accentuate an area you might desire to minimize. An elegant black blouse and a fun printed slack will draw the eye downwards. If you’re curvier down below and more petite up top, a neutral or dark-toned pencil skirt or tailored pant can expertly offset a playful printed t-shirt, blouse, or sweater.
Our second hack: Pair print with color.
Though it may seem logical or conventional to pair a bright and busy print with a black counterpart, we want to make the case for pairing a print with an accent color.
Wearing color (the right color for your palette) has this magical way of inviting the inner child out to play. Color is uplifting and instantly “youthening.”
Choose a print that incorporates one of your favorite colors, and then pair with that color in either a blouse or your bottom of choice.

Finally, buck convention and just have fun.
One of our favorite fashion muses is not some young, wispy thing splashed across fashion editorials or traipsing down runways.
She’s 102 year-old Iris Apfel, our all-inspiring Queen of Clash.
In recent interviews, Ms. Apfel still speaks with a sense of play and humor in her choice of words, an attitude which comes across in volumes through her style, and is no doubt one of the greatest secrets to remaining young at heart, even after 100. She’s been quoted as saying,
“When the fun goes out of getting dressed, you might as well be dead,” and we do not disagree.
Let your style be your canvas, and prints, your limitless palette of artistic wonder. Because life really is too short not to have a little fun every now and then.
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