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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Crosby, Guadalupe, and Nuvula
We’re thrilled to highlight three fabulous brands that are making a splash with PRINTS this season!  Crosby, Guadalupe, and Nuvula!
If you’ve shopped at T.Georgiano’s before, you’ve probably noticed the playful dresses and tailored blouses by the brand, Crosby.
Designed and made in the USA, we love Crosby for their
attention to detail, their unique yet flattering styles, and their absolutely joyful prints! Inspired by trips to modern art museums and lush tropical gardens, this season’s collection does not disappoint and gives us a fabulous excuse to go forth in style.
Guadalupe is a hand-tailored line from remote regions around the world, known for their effortlessly chic pool-to-Park Ave. dresses and pareos. Made from beautiful cotton in hand-done prints, we’re suddenly looking for all kinds of ways to style
Guadalupe’s fabulous wrap skirts, bringing out the wild in us all.
New-to-us brand, Nuvula, was founded by two visionary sisters in Los Angeles, CA, and has already begun their takeover of international runways, style magazines, and celebrity look books. Nuvula’s creations feel both classic and timeless at once, with a nod to Alice’s “curioser and curioser"; moment in Wonderland, or Dorothy turning to Toto and saying,
“I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
Show-stopping prints on time-tested silhouettes.

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